"BEAUTIFUL SADNESS" VINYL (Limited Collectors Edition)

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The Limited Collectors Edition includes:

• „Beautiful Sadness“ deluxe version double LP with gatefold sleeve (including additional tracks)
• „Beautiful Sadness“ acoustic versions EP (available with this edition only)
• 3x coloured white vinyl, lyrics and photo booklet, MP3 download card

Track List - Deluxe Version:

SIDE A: Sadness (Intro) // Time Is Your Gun // Radio Fire // Go Rilla // SIDE B: Baby Behave // Head Sonata (Love Control) // Is It Love? // SIDE C: L’over // Blindmaker // L’impossibile // SIDE D: Different But One // A Happy Song // Beautiful (Outro)

Track List - Acoustic EP:

SIDE A: Go Rilla // L'impossibile // Head Sonata // SIDE B: L'over // Killer Queen